Monday, October 22, 2012

Mysore pak

Mysore pak is a traditional and popular sweet of south india. It is a mouth-watering sweet. 


Gram flour/besan         -  1 cup
Sugar                          -  1.5 cup
Ghee                           -  1.5 cup
Pinch of soda

Cooking method :-

 Take a thick-bottomed pan and heat on a low flame. 
 Fry gram flour by adding   2 tsp of ghee until it turns light brownish.
 But keep in mind not to neglect  stirring it otherwise it gets burned  easily .
 when frying don't allow lumps.After frying, transfer the flour into a plate.
 Again put the pan on stove,  add sugar and equal proportion of water to make syrup.
 When the syrup becomes slightly sticky,  add gram flour and 2 tsp ghee and mix well thoroughly. Don't add     the ghee at once. add it little by little instead. While the batter is boiling in the ghee it starts giving a smooth   texture.When the batter is rapidly boiling, add a pinch of soda to make it consistent and this is the final stir.  Remove from  fire and mix well continuously. Pour onto a greased plate and cut it into pieces. Allow it to  cool.

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