Monday, October 22, 2012

Chakra Pongali

Chakra  pongali  is sweett dish. My children  like it very much. I think you would also like it.


 Rice (good quality) - 1cup

Green gram(moong dal) 1/2cup

Sugar- 1cup ( or according to your taste)

Milk    -  3cups


Cardamom power

Cashew nut


Cooking  method:-

              Wash rice and dal  separately and strain the water. After straining, fry the rice and dal with ghee on low flame until it gives some flavour and  off the stove. Boil milk by adding little water. when milk is boiling, add rice and dal to cook on medium flame.After boiling the rice and dal, add sugar and ghee and mix it well. Keep a lid to cook on a low flame. After a while, when the rice and dal absorb the ghee and sugar, touch the will be smooth and not sticky, this means it is well cooked. Remove from fire.Now add the cardamom powder,  fried cashew nut and kismiss. Cover with a lid and  leave 5 minutes.then transfer the pongali into another container. And its done.      

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