Friday, November 16, 2012

Banana paratha


   1 Cup of wheat flour
   2  Ripe bananas
   Little jaggery
   Little milk

 Method :-
 Take wheat flour add salt and mix it
 Now add nice smashed banana pulp, and jaggery (optional) mix well and make dough.
 If the banana pulp is enough to make the dough, its not necessary to add milk.
 When i use very ripe bananas, i don't add milk and jaggery.
 Add ghee and knead the dough nicely .
 Keep aside 1/2 an hour covered.
 If you don't like jaggery, you can use 1 more banana  instead or the sweetness is upto you to decide.
 Half an hour later, knead the dough very well.
 You can make it as a  paratha or puri as your wish.
 Delicious parathas are ready.

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