Friday, June 7, 2013

My Extended Vegetable Garden

In our backyard, we had banana plants. Two inflorescences started coming up few months back. They grew  

 really slow. But we waited and waited. And see what we got. So many bananas! I prepared a tasty mouth-watering curry and we all ate it up! Do you folks know that there's an island in Egypt called 'Banana Island"?

Spices form an indispensble part of Indian cooking, especially mustard seeds. so i grew them too. In contrast to the bananas, the mustard plants are quite quick growing. The plant is too gregarious.

The yellow flowers against the green leaves, stems and pods makes a good color combination, pleasant to the eyes.

Here, in India, especially the Punjabis (in the north) prepare a curry out of mustard leaves, popularly called 'Sarson (mustard) ka Saag'.

 Fields of mustard over large areas of land give the impression of a yellow mattress and its simply awesome to watch one.

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